Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer - LRCX

 They are the global supplier of WFE (wafer fabrication equipment and). Their customer base includes semiconductor memory, foundry, and integrated device manufacturers (“IDMs”) that make products such as non-volatile memory (“NVM”), dynamic random-access memory (“DRAM”), and logic devices. This is one of my personal pick out of four of them. This is because they are more inclined towards memory than logic (More on this later). Let's look at some fundamentals (as of Jun 1 2021):





Market Cap                          - 92.8 Billions

Short Interest                       - 1.88% of float (as of 5/15/2021)

% Held by Institution           - 83.10% 

Beta                                      - 1.28

Ratings buy/sell ratio           - 3 to 0


From the 10-k , following are the products:






More details for the - Process & products details . In short, deposition creates layers of materials used to build a semiconductor device. Etch processes help create chip features by selectively removing materials added in previous step. Strip and clean techniques are used between manufacturing steps to eliminate unwanted material that could later lead to defects and to prepare the wafer surface for subsequent processing.

Last year 10k shows Customers accounting for greater than 10% of total revenues in fiscal year 2020 included Micron Technology, Inc.; Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.; SK hynix Inc.; and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Primary competitor in the deposition market is Applied Materials, Inc. For ALD and PECVD, ASML and Wonik IPS. In the etch market - Applied Materials, Inc.; Hitachi, Ltd.; and Tokyo Electron, Ltd., and our primary competitors in the wet clean market are Screen Holding Co., Ltd.; Semes Co., Ltd.;and Tokyo Electron, Ltd.

Distribution of revenue and product type (from latest quarterly earnings)